Recovery House—Probation Period

Upon your membership of the Recovery House, each member will be on a 30 day probation period subject to the rules and guidelines that have been set out for each member.

1. 10pm curfew from Sunday through Thursday, and 11pm curfew Friday and Saturday unless with a recovery function.

2. No un-excused absences from the rules and guidelines will be tolerated.

3. Absolutely NO overnight furlough visits until the 30-day Probationary Period is completed.

4. Any member of the House that has direct knowledge of another House member relapsing is obligated to report it only to the House Manager and immediately. This is Not a breach of confidentiality and in all other respects; confidentiality must be maintained regarding your fellow Housemate.

5. Failure to report any House member’s relapse to the House Manager by another House member will result in immediate termination by another House member of that House member as well as the House member that relapsed.

6. It is recommended no relationships until a year sobriety is achieved. As for house rules no relationships until 6 months sobriety at least is achieved.

Failure to do so will result in dismissal from house. You are here to focus on your recovery

We reserve the right to amend any rules, guidelines and policies of the Recovery House at any time. *Consult House Manager in cases of family emergence, death, or illness, as these will be handled on a case-by-case basis with all circumstances taken into consideration.

For a printable copy of these House Eligibility, House Requirements and Probation Period click here....

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