House Guidelines

1. House meetings will be held weekly and all residents are required to attend.

2. Each house’s rent varies according to where you stay, but all our houses have an entry fee that allows you to enter set forth by the owners of the house. Extra charges can be added to your rent for certain luxuries (ex. cable, phone, gas, or internet.)

3. Your rent will cover all expenses for seven days, except food. The rent will cover one prepared meal for seven days which will be dinner.

4. Respect and treat your housemates as you would want to be treated.

a. Bedroom areas are private and should be respected. You are responsible for keeping your room neat and tidy at all times no exception.
b. Keep shower time to a minimum as the next person would enjoy hot water as well.
c. Take turns and be patient. Do not monopolize areas such as the kitchen and bathroom so that everyone gets a turn in a time manner.
d. DO NOT use anyone else’s personal items without permission.
e. QUIET TIME IS FROM 10PM-9AM. Be considerate of others, if someone is napping, early to bed, or not an early riser. NOISE is to be kept at a respectable level at all times, including televisions, stereos, radios, and cell phones.
f. Lights, radios, televisions, ect. must be turned off when you are not in your room. This is important as they cannot be entered by anyone when you are not home.
g. Do not mess with the thermostat unless agreed upon by the whole house.
h. Help each other out! If one of you cooks the others should help clean up. If some work and others are not at the time then they should help clean up. Work together to make this an enjoyable place to live.


6. Be sure to lock all doors and windows when leaving the House as yours may be the things stolen.

7. We have no bosses in the House. We all share responsibilities of this house for our benefit and growth.

8. Absolutely no pornography in the house, if found it will be treated as a relapse and immediate dismissal from the house will occur.

9. If any rules or required meetings are not attended while manager of house is out of town it will be grounds for dismissal. (Excused examples are sickness, work, family emergency, or holiday or furlough prearranged.)

10. When manager of house is out of town and is unable to return for house meeting in time, the meeting will be rescheduled to an appropriate time.

11. Furlough or overnight stay: requirements are as follows; 2 months of sobriety at our recovery house, off of probation of the house which is 30 days, 7-day advance notice to the house. (You will be drug and alcohol tested upon your return.)

12. Curfew is 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and 11pm curfew on Friday and Saturday unless there it is a recovery function.


For a printable copy of these House Eligibility, House Requirements and Probation Period click here....

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