Eligibility Requirements for Celebrate Recovery House

Following are the basic eligibility requirements to be considered for residency at one of our Recovery Homes:

1. Absolutely no sex offenders.

2. Must pay an entry fee to enter and pay rent each week to be allowed to stay.

3. Residents are required to participate in a minimum of four meetings each week if employed, or five meetings if your unemployed.

a. Bible studies at one of the houses
b. Wednesday night church or Step Study at WFR.
c. Friday Celebrate Recovery 5:30-9:30 pm at WFR.
d. Sunday morning at WFR church for your first six months and then you can choose a church of your preference.
e. AA meetings or any other CR meeting are available ask manager.

4. Must have at least 30 days of sobriety.

5. Residents are responsible for maintaining property at all times to House specifications. (needs to be ready for inspection at any time).

6. Employment opportunities will be pursued every day until a job is found.

7. Everyone is up out of bed by 8:00 am during the week, unless it is your day off or you work a night shift.

8. There will be a group prayer time each night before bed.

9. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol use will be tolerated.

10. Failure or refusal to take drug/alcohol screen will result in immediate expulsion from Recovery Home.

11. Permission must be asked and approved when leaving town from your house manager at least 48 hours in advance before you leave, unless an emergency arises and you are granted permission from your house manager.

12. No sexual relationships while living at the recovery house, it will be treated as a relapse and you will be dismissed immediately.

13. You must be willing to sign a six month lease to stay at one of our houses.

Failure to abide by our rules justifies the action taken by our leaders to correct the situation.You will receive 3 unexcused absences for most of the rules listed, except sexual relationships or a relapse they are immediate dismissal. Our goal is not to help you get sober but to change your life and it starts by changing BAD HABITS.

For a printable copy of these House Eligibility, House Requirements and Probation Period click here....

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